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Production Design Podcasts

Podcasts have become essential listening over the past decade, and have expanded to include many diverse subjects and panelists. In this post we list some of our favorite podcasts involving design and film-related conversations.

We've included two sections here: one for podcasts centered around film design craft and one for general film podcasts that have episodes we think will be relevant to our members. Enjoy!




Decorating Pages Podcast is dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of Production Design of your favorite films and TV shows. Each episode features interviews from Production Designers, Set Decorators, Art Directors, Editors, Directors and other creative positions sharing how they brought the story from page to screen. Discussions include creating the look, design inspirations and sharing stories of the hard work and dedication it takes to create these sets.


Production Design Digest is hosted by Kelly Sinclair, and is one of the few podcasts solely dedicated to conversations with production designers. So far, she’s interviewed Anna Rhodes, Dick Lunn, Kem White, and Jade Healy. Each discussion is filled with first-hand insights on topics such as model making, designing with aspect ratio in mind, getting started in the industry, and designing for the character.

The Film Design Podcast is created by production designer Max Lincoln. He sits down with folks across the art department—production designers, art directors, set decorators, buyers, and prop masters—as they engage in discussions about topics including working with a minimal budget, adjusting personal style for commercial work, and getting started with no experience.

Art of the Shot by Derek Stettler brings together two department heads (often a production designer and a cinematographer) to discuss their forthcoming releases. The dialogue between department heads sheds light on what collaboration looks like between departments, and how team members work together to conceptualize the look and feel of the project.

Burning Sofa explores the work of both production designers and set decorators, with interviews featuring craftspeople in both roles. The podcast seeks to demystify the film design process, as they go in-depth with designers on their projects, process, and career paths.



Hosted by legendary DP Roger Deakins and his collaborator (and wife) James Deakins, The Team Deakins podcast finds the duo in-conversation with film professionals mostly in the realm of cinematography. Occasionally breaking from the norm, they’ve spent a number of episodes in-conversation with production designers, including Donald Burt, K.K. Barrett, and Jess Gonchor, among many others.

Hosted by Karina Longworth, You Must Remember This is a Hollywood-history podcast that largely centers around “forgotten” histories of the Golden Age of Hollywood. In 2020 she featured a a ten episode season on production designer Polly Platt. The series covers her incredible, winding journey from her youth to becoming a prolific & beloved production designer in the New Hollywood era (including being the first woman in the ADG) all the way to producing hit films like Broadcast News and Bottle Rocket throughout the 80s and 90s. A fascinating and inspiring journey that parallels the history of film in the mid/late 20th century.

Talking Pictures hosted by Paul Booth and Kai Lovell, features filmmaker interviews as well as reviews of the latest films and TV shows. Some recent design-focused features include production designer Clay Griffith, set decorator Jon Bush, and our very own cofounder and production designer Kalina Ivanov.

The Film Roundtable features designers, directors, and cinematographers, often in groups, to discuss recent projects. Some recent design-centric highlights include production designer Kasra Farahani discussing Loki with cinematographer Autumn Durald, production designer Hannah Beachler in conversation with directors Jenn Nkiru and Kwasi Fordjour, production designer Kave Quinn with director Autumn de Wilde and costume designer Alexandra Byrne speaking on their collaboration on Emma (2020), PDC founder Inbal Weinberg discussing her 20+ year collaboration with cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes, and many many more.

Good. interviews filmmakers of all disciplines for in-depth, career spanning conversations. On the art-front, they’ve had Jade Healy on to talk about (among other things) her career journey and longtime collaboration with David Lowery and Cara Brower, who reflects on her experiences working with the Coen Brothers, David Fincher, Mark Romanek, and David Lynch.

From episodes about IATSE’s new contract to Donald Graham and Jan Pascal speaking about their experience working on Mank, No Film School is great for general film industry conversations, as well as the occasional art-focused episode as well.

While Go Creative Show: Media & Creativity is mostly geared towards cinematography, there are a few key episodes that feature designers, such as Francois Audouy on Ghostbusters, Uli Hanisch on Queen’s Gambit, and Susie Mancini on Space Force.


The Indy Mogul Podcast also features guests from every department, with production designers Sam Lisenco and Guy Hendrix Dyas included amongst the many who have been interviewed.

As a bonus, this excellent episode of Film Sense features David & Sandy Wasco, who speak on their experiences in production designing Pulp Fiction, The Royal Tenenbaums, Collateral, Molly’s Game, and La La Land.



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