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Monthly Design Review - September 2020

This month we commemorate Sir Terence Conran, the great British designer and mentor, who passed away last week.


THE HOUSE BOOK (Terence Conran, 1974)

In 1974, Terence Conran's House Book created a sensation as a manual of interior design that advocated simplicity, embraced personal taste and appealed to people with modest means. Now a classic, the book has spawned many updated editions, charting the course of design over the last 40 decades.

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ECO HOUSE BOOK (Terence Conran, 2009)

Terence Conran shows that it is possible to convert our existing homes into greener, healthier places without starting from scratch. This book is a complete guide to home improvement in an environmentally friendly way: it explains how relatively simple repairs can improve energy efficiency and it expands on productive gardening and space layout as methods to reduce carbon footprint.

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CONRAN ON COLOR (Terence Conran, 2015)

In this book Terence Conran shares a lifetime of color design experience, with reference to a wide range of sources, from nature and fashion to street markets and works of art. The book is illustrated with engaging contemporary interiors from around the world - homes that display a fresh blend of thoughtful design and individual character.

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PRINTED TEXTILE DESIGN (Terence Conran, 1957)

Published only a year after Terence Conran set up his first design practice, the book demonstrates the author’s passion and understanding for design, in process, historical context and technology. The book includes information on different fibers and fabrics, weaving and finishing techniques, and how to design patterns by hand and machine.

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A comprehensive look at various styles of greenery, and its effect on interior decoration. As always with Conran's books, the imagery reflects the trends of the publication's date and decade, but maintains a classic style that translates to contemporary settings and styles.

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TERENCE CONRAN: My Life in Design (Terence Conran, 2016)

Written when Sir Terence Conran was in his eighties and still designing beautiful homeware and restaurants, the book is a personal retrospective of the Conran brand. Chapters cover the founding of Habitat, product design, furniture, catalogues and books, housing and hotels, retail and fashion and the creation of the Design Museum. Extensively illustrated with photographs and drawings and with a lively, incisive commentary that reveals the stories behind the designs.

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