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Online Sessions for Production Designers

In the months since social distancing began, colleagues have found new ways of coming together online. The PDC has had many of its own events, from interviews with amazing production designers to hosting meetups where we could discuss topics important to us. But we haven’t been the only ones; there have been incredible online get togethers where people could get together to discuss film, design, and how we will begin work again. Below is a small collection of wonderful organizations that are hosting these important conversations.


Film Roundtable

Since May, the Film Roundtable has been hosting great discussions covering many facets of film making - including design, cinematography, directing, and more. Much of the discussion has been focused on filmmaking in a post COVID world, but many of the guests have come on to discuss the incredible films they have made, leading to many covered topics and interesting conversations.
Some highlights include sessions with PDC members Akin Mckenzie and Jade Healy, as well as a few discussions with Adam Stockhausen.
Click here for more information, and subscribe to receive regular updates on upcoming online sessions.


Directors Guild of Canada, Ontario

The DGC has been hosting a series of masterclasses, interviewing masters of their crafts, and inviting them to have open conversations with one another. One particularly interesting session was an conversation between K.K. Barrett and Patrice Vermette, where they discussed the beginnings of their careers working on commercials, amongst many other interesting topics.

The sessions include many conversations with designers, including Wynn Thomas, Claude Paré, and Sandy and David Wasco. They also hosted masterclasses focused on other topics, like editing and how the business is changing in the past months.

Click here to view the session with K.K. Barrett and Patrice Vermette.

Click here to see the full list of available recorded sessions.


Creative Quarantine Sessions


The Creative Quarantine Sessions are a series of interviews that started, as the name suggests, at the beginning of the COVID crisis as a way to share the insights of amazing designers and to discuss how the industry might evolve once we return to a world of normalcy. Alexander Whittenberg and Caryn Novak have done several great interviews with PDC members, including cofounder Kalina Ivanov, and PDC advisor Jeannine Oppewall. One highlight in Jeannine’s sessions was her story of how she came to work with Charles and Ray Eames: you’ll have to tune in to hear it.

They host designers from film, television, and theater. Click here to access the interviews from the past months, and connect with them online to join in on their future sessions.

Click here to view the session with Kalina Ivonov.

Click here to view the session with Jeannine Oppewall.


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