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Design Talks Online

Hearing about design is as fascinating as seeing it - the behind-the-scenes stories, conversations between peers and lectures from design experts are great additions to our on-going design education and discovery. Thankfully, the internet has made it easier to "be in the room" as a listener, regardless of where the event takes place. Here are links to various design-related talks, lectures and panels shared online, so you too can become a member of the audience...

Art Directors Guild Media

On the ADG's website one can find links to their annual Oscar panel and their on-going film society screenings' Q&As -

The World Building Institute

The WBI website has a section dedicated to videos from their various events. Those include presentations, panels and updates from their labs:

Ted Talks - Design

The giant of online talks has created a page for design, where one can view many of the world's leading experts discussing their inspiration and ideas -

John Berger's "Ways of Seeing" BBC 1972

John Berger's groundbreaking series, and the book following it, are now considered classic works of art interpretation. Berger discusses the ways in which we interpret visual imagery around us, from 18th Century oil paintings to modern-day advertising. The tools he gives the viewers are valuable and timeless in their ability to see beyond the image -

Alain de Botton on Art and Design

Alain de Botton is a well-known contemporary thinker and writer, who often contemplates the philosophy of art and design. He is witty, clever and discerning, and his examples are eclectic and drawn from both art history and our everyday life.

On Why Design Matter -

A Lecture at the Ikea Design Conference -

On What is Art For -

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