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PDC Panel at Berlinale

Objects, Ideas, Experiences, Connections, Projects: these were the themes of the PDC Panel at this year Berlinale.

The fascinating, cozy and inspiring location of the Museum der Dinge, who very kindly hosted the event, was the perfect background for this event: an incredible collection of objects from Berlin after WWII, from famous pieces of furniture to daily objects such as flatirons, tape recorders and action figures.

The idea of the panel was to bring together a panel four Production Designers (Markku Pätilä, Merlin Ortner, Olle Remaeus and Thomas Greve), moderated by the Production Designer Inbal Weinberg, to share experiences from festival movies they designed, and to open a discussion about their jobs and attitude towards the cinema industry: the result of the mixture of completely different project and of the interaction between four interesting personalities was a very exciting, funny and engaging talk full of illuminating ideas, unbelievable stories and heartfelt advice.

A very mixed and intrigued group of designers, students and art related people from different part of Europe and America, joined this event with passion and support, giving life to an affected audience that truly enjoyed this rare opportunity to listen to other designers explaining their work and to expand their connections throughout the World.

Please check the Museum der Dinge's website -

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