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PDC Around the World - INDIA

Photo of set for Satyajit Ray's “Pratidwandi“ Production Design: Bansi Chandragupta

”India is a country full of cultures, traditions, colours, languages, architectures.Cinema plays a vital role in India and it has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world. Bollywood is the sobriquet for the film industry based in Mumbai and non-Indians use it as a synecdoche to refer the whole Indian cinema.But besides Bollywood there are major cinematic hubs (in Bengali cinema, Oriya film industry, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu) which constitute the broader Indian film industry.

Indian film industry produces around 1500 to 2000 featured films per year and also have got recognition at the Cannes film festival. Talking about production design in India, the designs consist of a lot of detailed work, forms, structure, colours influenced by Indian culture. There are many beautiful scenic views, variety of locations and also there are many film cities which makes shooting easy. Production designers collectively have formed a association named as ACT ADCD (association of Cine & Television Art director and costume designer). To work as a professional production designer one needs to be the member of the association. Most of the PDs come from architecture background (which is my case). Also there are interior designers, commercial artist and people of different creative educational background welcomed to the industry. Individuals need to be working as interns to familiarize themselves with the work done in the industry in order to reach the level of production designer, which takes lot of time and hard work. However, due to speedy progress of the industry many individuals are becoming the part of film industry.

Personally, my work, my visual references are mostly influenced by the culture and I try to depict that in my work and try to keep it simple. Being a part of this industry for 16 years I have gotten a chance to portray my work through films, television shows , advertisements etc. Recently I worked on films like ABCD 2 , Humpty sharma ki dulhania which consisted of building many sets which are showcased below..."

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