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Congrats to more of out PD Emmy nominees!

As we lead up to the Emmy Awards, I wanted to let everyone see the wonderful work that was honored with a nomination. Our next installment showcases Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Period Program (One Hour Or More). Or, as I like to call it, shows I binge-watch.

Mad Men Production Designer Dan Bishop‘s final season gets some love from for it‘s last year in design from Fast Co, and a profile in Interior Design Magazine.

Masters of Sex Production Designer Michael Wylie‘s work tells a story in this Slate profile, and HGTV gives a tour. a All the while, over at Vulture, they can‘t stop thinking about how he created some of those most interesting props.

The Knick Production Designer Howard Cummings turns back time in Brooklyn, which gets some local interest over at Brooklyn Based and the NY Post. Keeping it real from the lights to the medical procedures keeps Vulture coming back for more.

Boardwalk Empire Production Designer Bill Groom's work has been getting write-ups since the show's premiere. You know you‘re doing it right when Interior Designers write blogs about you, like the one at Cris Angsten Interiors and WNYC profiles all of your iconic work.

Downton Abbey Production Designer Donal Woods work gets the slide-show treatment from Architectural Digest while The Independent takes a good look at the man who has made many iconically designed shows a reality.


Even more nominees on the horizon!


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