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Hello PDC!

Hello PDC!

Welcome to the PDC Blog, a place to share stories, inspiration, happenings and links pertaining to production design, architecture, interior design, and all things art. I'll be adding to the blog here and there, but would like to welcome anyone interested to join in.

Guest blog with us!

We want to keep this a community affair, so all voices are welcome, and the more people sharing, the stronger this blog will become...

Know of an interesting event or speaker coming up?

Just find a surprising resource for custom fabrication?

Have an enlightening conversation with another design or film professional?

Share it with PDC!

If you’re interested in playing a part in our community blog, please send an email to me at with the title ”PDC Blog” and I‘ll get you up and running and help you post.

Feeling nervous about your writing? I'll happily help you edit your piece and get it posted. Looking forward to a bright blog future!


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