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Calling all members of the film industry to help raise awareness of independent production design through creating more award categories to display our diverse and layered work.

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Filmmaking is a uniquely collaborative medium, in which a director works closely with the cinematographer and the production designer to translate his or her vision to the big screen. Often the earliest collaborators, production designers create an original world conceived for the sole purpose of telling a story, and their contribution to the success of any project, no matter the scope, subject or platform, is crucial.


Director of photography Robert Elswit paid a great tribute to the work of the art department in his Academy Award acceptance speech for ”There Will Be Blood.” He reminded the audience that cinematographer John Toll had dedicated 50 percent of his award to his production designer on “Braveheart,“ then added ”Well, 80 percent belongs to production designer Jack Fisk and his team.“


We call for the Independent Spirit Awards, Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals worldwide to create a production design award category recognizing our efforts in designing diverse and multilayered cinematic worlds. We urge production designers to be recognized alongside their film collaborators: directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, costume designers and all artists who bring films into existence.

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