The Collective invites members and colleagues from the film industry to discuss various issues pertaining to production design. 

Published bi-monthly and featuring four designers, the forum aims to educate

and inspire by sharing opinions, ideas and advice. 

by Jane Bucknell, Arv Greywal, Jamie Lapsley and Akin McKenzie 

by Grant Major, Scott Chambliss, Beth Mickle, Bob Shaw, Jade Healy and Philip Messina 

by Lester Cohen, Darcy Scanlin, Brad Ricker and Melinda Doring

by Amy Williams, Jørgen Stangebye Larsen, Javiera Varas and Harry Ammerlaan

by Wynn Thomas, Fiona Crombie, Ra Vincent and Kalina Ivanov

by Brant Fraser, Melanie Garros, Eve McCarney and Gino Fortebuono

by Patricio M. Farrell, Sharon Lomofsky, Ed Verreaux and Jennifer Spence

by Jasmine Ballou Jones, Almitra Corey, Andrea Purcigliotti and Cecil Gentry

by Jeannine Oppewall, Jim Bissell, Cynthia Charette, Cabot McMullen and John Iacovelli 

by Jacqueline Abrahams, Reinhild Blaschke, Jane Bucknell and Merlin Ortner

by Patti Podesta, James Chinlund, Toni Barton and Bret Tanzer

by Brandon Tonner-Connolly, Sara K White and Scott Kuzio

by Jack Fisk, Arad Sawat, Felicity Abbott, Paul Austerberry and Lori Agostino

by Ralph Eggelston, Carlos Zaragoza, Rob DeSue and Dash Shaw  

by Suzuki Ingerslev, Naomi Shohan and Michel Barthélémy 

In collaboration with Anna Falguères, Valérie Valéro, Emma Cuillery and Chloé Cambournac

by David Wasco, Annie Spitz, Hannah Beachler and Zoe Sakellaropoulo

by Estefanía Larraín, Akin McKenzie, Deirdra Govan and Alec Hammond

by Anastasia White, Missy Stewart, Jeff Sage, and Thomas Walsh

by Scott Dougan, Elizabeth Jones, Alan Lampert and Maximilian Lange

by Andrew Jackness, Katie Hickman, Kelly McGehee and Steve Beatrice

by Anne Stuhler, Matt Munn, Scott Kuzio and Katie Akana

by Jane Musky, Tania Bijlani, Sam Lisenco and Sara K White

by David Scheunemann, Francesca Massariol, Inbal Weinberg and Paki Smith

by Oliver Scholl, Richard Hoover, Caty Maxy and Rick Butler

by Maria Djurkovic, Lisa Myers, Mark Garner and Teresa Mastropierro

by Nelson Coates, Scott Chambliss, Grant Major, and Vico Sharabani

by Tommaso Ortino, Daniel Clancy, Ryan Warren Smith, and Shane Meador

by Hilda Stark, Mary Frederickson, Dina Goldman, and Amy Williams

by Kalina Ivanov, Randall Peacock, Ben Procter, and Caroline Hanania

by Richard Wright, Roshelle Berliner, Anna Falguères, and Todd Fjelsted

by Kristi Zea, John Paino, Bob Shaw, and Beth Mickle

by Stuart Wurtzel, Sharon Lomofsky, Ola Maslik, and Ethan Tobman

by Neil Patel, Merissa Lombardo, Natalia Treviño, and Chad Keith

by Toby Corbett, Lilly Kilvert, Molly Hughes, and Michael Shaw

by Hálfdan Pedersen, Anthony Tomety, Valeria Costa, and Grant Major

by Jeannine Oppewall, Mark Ricker, Gil Kenan, and Patrizia Von Brandestein

by Brandon Tonner-Connolly, Beverly Miller, Mira Young, and Thomas Walsh

by Brandon Tonner-Connolly, Beverly Miller, Mira Young, and Thomas Walsh

by Brandon Tonner-Connolly, Beverly Miller, Mira Young, and Thomas Walsh

by Brandon Tonner-Connolly, Beverly Miller, Mira Young, and Thomas Walsh

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