July 25, 2020

As an addition to our forum on expanding diversity and equal access in the art department, here are some resources for entry-level production design training. 

We are definitely interested in expanding this list, so please email us if you know of a design-related progra...

March 19, 2020

With the recent disruptions to our industry due to COVID-19, many colleagues are left wondering what to do with their new-found time. When we work on productions it can be difficult to find the time to develop some of our most basic skills, but since many of us are now...

March 8, 2020

To accompany our current newsletter, we've collected a list of festivals from around the world that have an eye for design. 

Alexander Trauner Art/film Festival, Szolnok, Hungary

The Alexander Trauner Art/Film Festival is named after the prolific Hungarian-French pr...

March 8, 2020

We asked colleagues who recently participated in our festival events to share some of their experiences and advice on festival-going practices.

1. Be Realistic.


Dafni Kalogianni is a Greek production designer for feature films and commercials...

December 1, 2019

To accompany our current Forum question - "What Items are in your Design Tool Kit?" - we collected ideas and tips from fellow production designers who shared their favorite items.

Bellow are some suggestions to take on your next design adventure!


The first item...

September 22, 2019

Photo of set for Mike Nichols' "Working Girl". Production Design: Patrizia von Brandenstein

1. Know Thyself 

         Mira Yong, WME

This is a simple thought yet incredibly difficult for some to articulate. It’s important that those you meet with trul...

September 21, 2019

This week we were saddened to receive news that celebrated Hungarian production designer and activist László Rajk Jr. passed away after a rapid serious illness endured with dignity. 

László Rajk Jr. was an architect, production designer and human rights activist. I...

July 28, 2019

When first getting a script, it is the Production Designer’s unique role to look at nothing and see everything – all the possibilities. Designers are entrusted with the important responsibility to make something from nothing. So for me, making motion pictures on locati...

Karen Steward and Rocio Gimenez have co-written this article from different countries and different phases in their careers, in order to shine a light on current attitudes and practices regarding Green film-making Internationally. Both are passionate citizens concerned...

It’s everyone’s favorite line on the daily prep schedule: “Clearances Call”. An opportunity to gather around the speakerphone in the Art Department office and make silent group gestures of disbelief and frustration as the Clearances Coordinator tells you all the things...

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